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Workout Of The Day
Each day you will be presented with a new work out challenge that will test all 10 measures of fitness.

Small-Group Fitness
Share the love or the pain and train with a dedicated group of motivated individuals while training speed, agility and endurance exercises that blast fat and build muscle

Partner With One Of Our Coaches And Get The Ultimate Experience

With a combined 50 years of professional experience between our trainers, V3 performance has the ultimate formula

to reach your fitness success. Training includes:

Sport-specific training

Speed and agility

1 on 1 training

Small group training

Bootcamp Classes

In the past year, over 1,000 clients have worked with our coaches to achieve their fitness goals.

Sport Specific Training

Assists athletes to achieve excellence by training in strength, speed, power, endurance, and mental preparedness.

Speed And Agility

Training to quickly change the body's position in space requiring quickness, coordination, balance, speed, and strength.

1 On 1 Training

Training one on one with a fitness professional to achieve your personal goals...

Small-Group Training

Training with a coach and a small group of other clients.