Meal prep time savers

Feb 16, 2023

 by Gregg Piper

You know that feeling when you have a project hanging over your head and you just can’t get it started…But once you get it going, you wonder why you dreaded it so much. Meal prepping can feel that same way! 

The thing is, once you get started, it can save you SO much time, money, and stress.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a quick list of meal prep time & money savers for you. Ready for them?


6 Meal Prep Time & Money Saving Tips:

1. Keep it simple. Don’t expect to become a meal prep pro overnight.
Pick ONE meal that gives you the most stress – like lunch – and start making those meals ahead of time. Once you get into a routine with lunch, you can branch out into other meals.

2. Double up on your meals. I’ve mentioned this before, but that’s because it’s so easy. Just make extra when you cook dinner! It can easily turn into tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.

3. Have a game plan. If you plan to cook a few different dishes simultaneously, read all the recipes through, create a plan, and do as much chopping/rinsing/pre-prep ahead of time as possible.

This will help keep you organized, allow you to clean up as you go (a huge time-saver), AND chances are… you’ll enjoy making your meal!

  1. Cook up bigger batches of protein-rich foods. This saves time and money. Think about it: it takes just as long to cook up 2 lbs worth of turkey burgers as it does 1 lb, and buying in bulk usually results in a lower per-gram cost!
  2. Use your rice cooker and/or slow cooker. Both are inexpensive “set it and forget it” cookers that will save time and effort – and they both make delicious food!
  3. Make it fun. Listen to your favorite music or podcast, or download an audiobook to keep you company while you get busy in the kitchen.

Those tips should help make your next meal prep session a breeze. 

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