The boring truth about health & fitness

Feb 23, 2023

 by Gregg Piper

You know those nights when you crawl into bed feeling exhausted — and you realize your sheets are clean and fresh out of the laundry?

Your bed feels SO cozy. But it doesn’t just feel good… it also makes it easier to get a good night of sleep! 

It’s one of life’s little pleasures…

… all made possible thanks to a boring habit.

Seriously, how many people wake up saying: “Woohoo! I get to change my sheets today!”?

(Answer: Very few. ;-)) 

But we do it anyway because of the payoff.

The irony is that almost every small pleasure in life — and every success! — is built on a foundation of everyday habits. And a lot of those habits are (yes I’ll say it) boring. 

Those habits affect

  • Your health
  • Your fitness level
  • Your skills
  • Even your relationships & retirement account!

There’s nothing sexy about the process — it’s just a matter of continually making good choices, and showing up and doing the work. 

  • Choosing to eat healthy foods (even when you don’t want to)
  • Choosing to exercise regularly (especially when you don’t want to)
  • Choosing to keep trying a new skill until we master it (even when you don’t feel like it)

 The payoffs are WORTH IT.

But there’s something else you need to know.

There’s another habit many people develop in life: the need for instant gratification (wanting what we want, when we want it — right now).

Overcoming that habit means learning a new skill: delayed gratification. 

You can learn it like you learn every other skill in life (driving, playing an instrument, cooking, writing):

You practice it… one day at a time.

So, What’s ONE habit can you practice — starting today — that will help you move the needle toward a healthier & fitter body?

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